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TAD Special version

High-speed 4th/5th axis for special operations

TANiH2S160/310 NEG-d-A – TAD160 NEG-d-A – High speed 4./5. axis for special operations
With a speed of up to 1.000 rpm in the rotating axis, this unit is purpose designed for a special operation. Various component diameters require a stepless variable spindle speed, ranging from 0 up to 1.000 rpm.
A rigid tilting axis, consisting of our TANiH-160 evolution and a specific counterbearing complete the rigid
design of this unit. Direct measuring systems on both axis guarantee high precision work within a small micron range.

Accuracy and Speed – united in one unit!

TAD Special version

Precision meets aesthetic

TANiH-160 NEG-d-A  – The 4th axis with a direct measuring system for highest accuracies
The WALTER TANiH-160 NEG-d-A in a high precision design with a direct encoder system..
A high resolution encoder system, mounted on the rotary spindle of the unit enables indexing accuracies of up to +/- 1,5 arc seconds. A colourwise matching design of the encoder cover shows clearly the belonging to our high accuracy range of the TANiH 160.
This product is ranging from TANiH-160 NEG-d-A up to TANiH-160 NEG-d-AAA.

Accuracy – underlined by design

TAD Special version

High-speed workpiece carrier for medical components

AD-110 with special spindle design to accomodate “Serge-Meister” collets
A customer specific solution of our TAD-110 that enables the production of optical components for minimally invasive medical-operations.
With this high-speed workpiece-carrier, designed for a speed of up to 1.000 rpm, components of less than 1mm  in diameter can be produced  in highest accuracies on a purpose built machine.
A special spindle design enables the use of  “Serge-Meister” collets to keep the component in the right position during manufacturing. The spindle itself is made from stainless steel which is a key material in medical products.

Technology of today for medical operations of tomorrow!

Compact power pack on a KUNZMANN BA1500

TANiH-200 evo with counter-bearing gbH-160/200 evo
A customer-specific solution that makes it possible to place a 4th axis of the TANiH-200 evo series with a counter block gbH-160/200 evo and a work-holding device in between, on a Kunzmann BA-1500 and still have enough space for the customer’s desired layout, to have a vise on the machine table at the same time. In this way, large and small components can be machined on one machine at the same time without the need for time-consuming, non-productive and therefore cost-intensive set-up times.
Lesen Sie hier (German only)

Time is money!

Powerful indexer for heavy-duty machining

TANiH 250-300 NEG evolution for heavy-duty work at a special tool manufacturer
A customer-specific version of our TANiH 250 evolution, adapted in center height.
In action on a DMG DMF260-11Read all about it.(German only)

A strong piece of equipment!

5-spindles for a cost-effective production of the components

TANiP 5-80 with double rotary distributor
5 spindles for economical machining of components.
The spindle distance and the required rotary distributors
for the clamping devices are customized. Also the  base plate,
matching the machine table and the machines maximum load.

Precision for the simultaneous processing of 5 components.

Our full range of 4th axes.

The WALTER Video showing our range of dividing heads

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RED- built in rotary table with direct drive technology

Another new face in the WALTER family!

Series RED
A Direct Drive rotary table with vertical spindel axis e.g. as additional B-axis for grinding machines or machining centres.
With the direct measuring systems accuracies up to +/-1 arc seconds can be achieved.
The machine manufacturer only needs to provide the corresponding mounting space in the machine.

A new high accuracy member of the TAD family

TAD-200/145 B-AAA

A highly accurate device with direct drive and an accuracy of +/- 1 arc second! This device is used as a workpiece carrier on a high-precision grinding machine. The processing of high-alloy materials and the highest customer-specific requirements for accuracy, such as a concentricity and axial runout <0.003 mm have been achieved!

Multi-spindle unit reduces unit costs

TANiH-4 100/125 NEG evolution on a Reckermann milling machine

Increase productivity, improve quality and reduce unit costs.
In collaboration between Reckermann and Walter, this requirement was met to the fullest satisfaction of a common customer by using a 4-spindle WALTER device with a hydraulic tailstock and customer-specific fixtures. With the modular TANiH-evolution series it could be shown once again, that with our customer-specific solutions such requirements can be best met.

RAD – Direct Drive rotary table with vertical axis

A new face in the WALTER family!

The RAD series
A Direct Drive device with a vertical axis, serving as a B axis for grinding machines. The complete grinding-tower is mounted on these heavy-duty devices, steplessly moved into position and clamped! A direct measuring system gives accuracies of up to +/- 1 arc second!

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