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Rotary Table with Direct Drive

High dynamic and precision

for many applications

RAD with Direct Drive technology

Ideal series for all production processes where dynamic moves and speeds have priority.
The usage with vertical spindle enables the application as rotary table or positioning unit. The integrated, direct measuring system guarantees highest positioning accuracy.

Using rotary tables of the RAD series with Direct Drive technology enable new manufacturing possibilities by offering high positioning speeds and very dynamic movements. The transfer of the transmission is nearly wear-free and assures constant Quality for several years. The Direct Drive motor is designed around the rotating axis and can be selected to meet highest speeds and/or highest driving torques.

The system works without any gear drives and eliminate therefore cost intensiv transmission defects after a collision. In the aspects of Dynamic and possible speed, the direct drive superseeds the gear driven units by far, All units have a integrated spindle brake systems that can take high manufacturing forces and can also be used as an emergency brake.

The advantages in brief

+ highly dynamic movements

+ rapid positioning time

+ highest indexing accuracies

   due to direct measuring systems

+ modern design

The dynamic series

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