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RTN Horizontal Rotary Table

The turning face for your machines

From horizontal to vertical –


Horizontal Rotary tables, as additional table-top unit or as customised built-in unit for all kinds of machines, enable the multi-face machining or positioning of a workpiece..

RTN NC-rotary tables with a horizontal, non-lifting faceplate, are designed for use on NC-controlled machine-tools and machining-centres. Also available with an angular housing and therefore vertical faceplate as type RTNW-NC.

For the type RTNW-NC the maximum faceplate diameter is limited to Ø1000 mm. The adjustable Duplex worm-drive with a hardened and ground wormshaft and a worm-wheel made of a special bronce-alloy, combined with various motor-mount layouts, takes care of a smooth and proper drive..

The advantages in brief

+ acceptance of high machining forces

+ Duplex worm-drive

+ modular expandable

+ big range of additional equipment

+ rigid and strong clamping system

+ various motor-mounting layouts possible

+ also for use with vertical face plate

The alterable

From a horizontal to an angular rotary-table. Single spindel units or combined multi-spindle versions. Built-in versions for multi-axis machines or customer specific versions. There is nearly no limitation to the usage of an RTN rotary table.

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