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Technical Data
Customer specific versions are offered. These different designs can have significant differences, depending on the intended usage. The details shown here are only valid for the Type RAD-335A and serve only as an example!
size max. load (centrically) total axial force holding torque drive torque
type certical spindle rotary axis pneumatic at 0 bar on face plate
kg (max.) N (max.) Nm Nm (max.)
RAD 335 1.400 60.000 650 33,5 w/o cooling,
83 with water-cooling
size indexing accuracy (± in arc seconds) repeatability concentricity runout parallelism rectangularity
type with direct measuring system e.g. HEIDENHAIN RCN 2380 or 2580 – alt. FAGOR (system accuracy) direct spindle nose spindle bore spindle nose 300 mm 300 mm
d-A d-AA d-AAA d-A, d-AA, d-AAA mm mm mm mm mm
RAD 335 ±5″ ±2,5″ upon request ±1″ ≤0,008 ≤0,008 ≤0,008 ≤0,015 ≤0,015