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additional equipment
Shown are examples of different possibilities. Individual modifications are possible and available.
3-jaw chuck with backplate

The manual 3-jaw chucks ensure a safe work-piece clamping

special indexing plates

for individual indexing steps.

passend für Baugrößen 2
Futter ∅ mm 125
max. Durchlass Ø 32
alternativ Futter ∅ mm 140
max. Durchlass Ø 40
size 2 4
minimum number of notches pcs. 2 2
maximum no. of notches pcs 48 48
minimum indexing angle degrees 7,5 7,5
fixed tailstock

hydraulic or pneumatic versions available upon request

type RSe



passend für Baugrößen 2
Spitzenhöhe mm 100
Pinolengröße MK 1