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VTW Direkt indexing head

Still up-to-date and essential

For horizontal and
vertical use –
graduation or direct-indexing  

accurate and robust

For use with horizontal or vertical axis, for direct or degree-indexing.
The indexing units in the VTW series are manual indexing devices with a stable construction and low height, for rapid and simple manual indexing.

The required indexing can be engaged rapidly and directly by means of the built-in indexing plate. The standard indexing plate with 24 notches permits 15° divisions.
Special indexing plates also with uneven divisions up to a minimum indexing-angle of 7.5° are possible. Exchange of the indexing plate is rapid and simple.


Setting of the required angle of divison, using the degree scale and the adjustable vernier. Reading accuracy 3 arc. minutes.

The advantages in brief

+ hardened and ground indexing spindle with high precision runout

+ tapered journal bearing for high loads

+ mechanical clamping system on the circumference of the spindle

+ for horizontal and vertical use

The indispensable

direct indexing
degree indexing

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